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Ghulam Rasool

Research Associate
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Project title: Tribo-corrosion maps of Ti and Ti base TiC coating in dry sliding conditions

In this project, research work is being carried out on the tribo-corrosion behaviour of titanium and titanium carbide composite coatings in collaboration with IIUM Malaysia. This research comprises testing of material on a pin-on-disk sliding wear testing rig and construction of tribo-corrosion maps for these materials. It also involves experimental work on 303SS against 8620 low alloy steel and uncoated 303SS and coated303SS with TiC coatings against alumina and developing wastage maps. In the final stage of the experimental work, uncoated Ti and coated Ti with TiC composite coating against hardened gauge plate are tested to construct tribo-corrosion maps for these materials.

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