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High speed rain erosion test rig (Bespoke) 
This state of the art facility will be able to recreate the conditions of newly developed 100m+ blades in off-shore conditions, meaning that this rig will be able to generate 150m/s impacts with composite material to water droplets.


TRB³ tribometer (Anton Paar)
Anton Paar’s tribometer can be used for the measurement of friction, wear, and lubrication. Its wide range of testing parameters, contact geometries allows to conduct tribology testing under a broad range of conditions. It comes equipped with the pin-on- disk, linear reciprocating and lubrication module. TRB3 is suitable for research and quality control of new materials (i.e. ceramics, metals, polymers), lubricants and oil additives, and self-lubricating systems.

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TE66 micro-abrasion tester (Phoenix Tribology)

The TE 66 may be used to determine the wear coefficient of hard and soft coatings and monolithic materials by abrasive wear in a ball on plate contact configuration. The machine may also be used as a crater-generating tool on coated surfaces for coating thickness determination. This facilitates abrasion tests for very small particle sizes-in the order of 10µm without any restrictions on particle shape. The load range is 1-10 N and the rotational speed range 50-150 rpm. This rig has been instrumented for electrochemical measurements. This rig effectively replicates the abrasion seen in the Biomedical field e.g. hip and knee joints and dental replacement materials.  

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Slurry pot erosion tester (Bespoke)

This bespoke test cell was designed to test tidal turbine materials under realistic conditions. It is fitted with an ACM potentiostat for cathodic protection and electrochemistry measurements.   Multiple specimens of varying geometries and sizes can be tested simultaneously at different impingement angles (0 - 90°). This test cell can achieve velocities of up to 12m/s. Slurry temperature is controlled by an immersion cooler (5 - 30°C). 

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jet impingement 2.png

Jet impingement rig (Bespoke)

This bespoke high velocity jet impingement test rig was designed and fabricated in-house to conduct erosion-corrosion experiments for upstream Oil & Gas pipeline materials. It is fitted with an ACM potentiostat for cathodic protection and electrochemistry measurements.  This test rig can achieve flow-rate velocities of up to 26m/s. Slurry temperature is controlled by an immersion cooler and a heating element (5 - 80°C). It can receive particles of up to 3mm. Test environment can be adapted with the injection of non-poisonous gases e.g. CO2 , N2, to simulate different environments.  

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